Ad Hoc’s Custom Buell 1125CR: Beyond a Comeback

David Gonzalez, the Spanish custom bike builder behind Ad Hoc Café Racers, has made a comeback after five years of absence. Known for his unique style that combines futuristic brutalism and retro elegance, Gonzalez is back to building the types of bikes he wants to create.

Gonzalez has started off his return with a brutal custom Buell 1125CR, which he named ‘Coco’ after his English bulldog. He had always promised himself that one day he would build a motorcycle as a tribute to his beloved pet. The Buell 1125CR, released in 2008, is the perfect starting point for a bulldog-inspired build, thanks to its purposeful stance and broad-shouldered bodywork.

To bring his ideas to life, Gonzalez collaborated with Blaž Šuštaršič from ER Motorcycles to digitally render the bike. However, they ran into issues when trying to find machines capable of producing the large fiberglass pieces for the prototype. As a result, Gonzalez decided to shape everything out of metal, his preferred method for building custom bikes.

Gonzalez focused on shaping a new monocoque body to replace the OEM fuel tank cover and seat. The blocky aesthetic that Ad Hoc is known for is evident throughout the design. He built everything around the OEM air box and electrical installation, ensuring easy access to both. The bodywork features a pair of chunky handmade side fairings, a supermoto-esque seat upholstered in perforated leather, and a generous LED taillight. An unconventional rectangular LED headlight sits on a custom mount that doubles as a protective roll bar.

In terms of performance upgrades, the Buell boasts a custom rear shock from Gears Racing, a Race Spirits exhaust, and Avon Cobra tires. The blacked-out scheme, a departure from Ad Hoc’s usual bright and colorful liveries, gives the bike a sleek and aggressive look. Gonzalez plans to continue exploring this aesthetic with upcoming projects.

With the completion of the custom Buell 1125CR, Ad Hoc Café Racers is back with its offbeat and unapologetic style of motorcycle customization. Fans are eagerly awaiting more of Gonzalez’s signature builds.