Ampere Magnus EX Electric Scooter Unexpectedly Splits in Half During Ride

The popularity of electric scooters has skyrocketed in recent years, but so have concerns about their quality checks. Ampere Electric, a new player in the electric scooter market, has come under scrutiny for the quality of its scooters.

In a recent incident, the owner of an Ampere Magnus EX electric scooter claimed that his scooter broke in half while he was riding it. The visuals of the incident have gone viral on YouTube, showing the chassis of the scooter broken into two from the bottom of the floorboard. The rear half of the scooter appears to be bottomed-out, while the front part with the headlamp and apron looks tilted upwards.

The owner reported that he purchased the scooter in 2022 and had already repaired the chassis once before. He also mentioned that the scooter’s body and chassis are lightweight. However, the chassis broke into two while he was riding it, even though he was not carrying much weight, just three tiffin boxes.

Fortunately, the owner did not sustain any injuries, but the chassis of the electric scooter seems beyond repair. He is demanding appropriate action against the manufacturer and hopes to get his scooter repaired by the company. Greaves Electric Mobility, the parent company of Ampere Electric, has not yet released an official statement regarding this incident.

Unfortunately, this is not the first incident involving the Ampere Magnus EX. Previously, a similar accident occurred in Uttar Pradesh, where the scooter also broke into two halves. However, in that case, the owner was refused a replacement for the defective scooter at the company’s service outlet.

The Magnus EX is Ampere Electric’s first all-electric scooter and is one of the most popular and affordable electric scooters available in India. It is powered by a 2.1 kW hub-mounted electric motor, which gives it a top speed of 50-53 kmph. Its 60V 38.25 Ah lithium-ion battery provides a maximum riding range of 80-100 km.

In response to safety concerns, Ola Electric, the largest electric scooter manufacturer in India, has addressed the issue of front suspension arms getting broken in numerous incidents. The company replaced the front suspension with a more sturdy double front fork suspension. The Ministry formed an expert committee to investigate the causes of these incidents and was prepared to impose heavy fines on manufacturers found guilty or negligent. The Ministry also planned to issue a recall of all defective vehicles, even if the manufacturer had not initiated a recall.

To prevent future incidents, the Ministry is introducing new quality-centric guidelines for electric vehicles, promising better engineering quality. The Ministry had already issued the necessary orders for the probe into all electric two-wheeler manufacturers whose vehicles had reported such incidents.

In conclusion, the incident involving the Ampere Magnus EX raises concerns about the quality checks in the electric scooter market. It highlights the need for stricter regulations and guidelines to ensure the safety and reliability of electric scooters.