“Stay Ahead of Competitors and Spot Emerging Trends with Feedly AI”

The core of Feedly for Market Intelligence is an AI engine that gathers, analyzes, and prioritizes intelligence from millions of sources in real-time. With Feedly AI, you can track your competitors and their strategic moves, stay ahead of consumer trends and insights, scout technical innovation, and identify business development opportunities.

Feedly AI reads millions of articles, reports, and social media posts to determine their relevance to the topics you want to track. This information is available to you in near real-time through the AI Feeds interface. To create an AI Feed, you use AI Models to define the information you want to gather. You can combine multiple AI Models using AND, OR, and NOT operators to refine your focus. You can also refine the sources with your own trusted sources.

One of the powerful features of Feedly AI Feeds is that it goes beyond simple keyword matches. The AI Models are machine learning models that have a broader understanding of each concept. This means you get more accurate and relevant results.

For example, to track Amazon’s recent product launches, you can use a Company and Strategic Move AI Model. This AI Model tracks all information about Amazon’s product launches. By combining this AI Model with other operators, you can further refine your focus.

Feedly for Market Intelligence comes with a variety of pre-trained AI Models to help you easily translate your intelligence needs into AI Feeds. These AI Models include Company AI Models for tracking competitors, Strategic Move AI Models for tracking specific actions, Consumer Insights AI Models for tracking consumer behaviors, and Technology AI Models for tracking technological innovations.

By using these AI Models, you can track your competitors and their strategic moves, discover emerging trends, scout technological innovation, and identify new partnership opportunities. Whether it’s tracking competitor decisions, staying up to date with consumer behaviors, monitoring technological advancements, or finding new business development opportunities, Feedly for Market Intelligence helps you gather the information you need.

Feedly is constantly improving its AI Models based on feedback from Market Intelligence teams. They are researching new AI Models to further enhance the product’s capabilities. Market Intelligence customers can share their feedback or suggest new AI Models by reaching out to

If you’re interested in trying Feedly for Market Intelligence, you can start a free 30-day trial. With features like tracking competitors, discovering emerging trends, scouting technological innovation, and identifying new partnership opportunities, Feedly for Market Intelligence can help you stay competitive in your industry.