Case Study: Lufthansa Innovation Hub Trend Forecasting

The Lufthansa Innovation Hub (LIH) is a small but impactful team within the larger Lufthansa Group. Led by Tino Klaehne, the Director of Strategic Innovation and Intelligence, LIH is dedicated to reinventing the future of travel and becoming thought leaders in the industry. With only 40 team members, they have made significant strides in setting the standard for cutting-edge, data-driven strategic research.

However, when Tino first joined LIH in 2017, the research processes were ineffective and time-consuming. The team lacked a systematic approach to gather and analyze intelligence, relying on sporadic Google searches and visits to websites. They needed a centralized system to store and collect interesting findings, as well as a way to get alerted when key topics arose. To professionalize their approach to strategic intelligence, LIH sought the right tools for the job.

That’s when they discovered Feedly AI. LIH integrated Feedly AI into their tech stack to track macro trends and define trends within the category of Travel and mobility tech. With the help of Feedly’s AI Models, they were able to build their own intelligence engine based on their own definitions and categories, staying at the forefront of travel innovation.

The results were impressive. LIH developed an industry-leading process that was 3-5X faster than traditional strategic intelligence gathering methods. They regularly published trend reports in their TNMT newsletter, which boasts a subscriber base of over 10,000 individuals. Additionally, several former LIH employees who moved on to new companies introduced Feedly to their new organizations.

By using Feedly, LIH was able to become thought leaders in their industry, spotting trends and shifts in the travel and mobility technology field almost before they happened. They defined their own research category, known as “Blurred Travel,” which explores the merging of business and leisure travel. LIH also tracked venture capital investments in the industry to predict how it would evolve and identified potential partnership and investment opportunities with over 3,000 startups.

Feedly became deeply integrated into LIH’s processes and tech stack, allowing for efficient research and the ability to kickstart new projects. The team combined AI Models in AI Feeds to continuously track and find relevant content, curating it in Boards for easy access. Overall, Feedly helped LIH conduct faster and more insightful research, positioning them as leaders in the travel and mobility tech industry.

While the conclusion of this article is not provided, it can be inferred that LIH’s use of Feedly has significantly contributed to their success in strategic intelligence gathering and innovation.