Creating a Functional yet Wild Supercar: Insights from Lamborghini’s CTO

The 2023 Quail show during Monterey Car Week showcased a wide range of new car launches, but one of the most daring concepts came from Lamborghini with their Lanzador concept. The Lanzador combines the hybrid technology of the Revuelto with an all-electric, four-motor system, giving it a unique position in the EV market and adding to Lamborghini’s hypercar collection.

Rouven Mohr, Lamborghini’s chief technical officer, sat down for a quick chat about the creation of the Lanzador and the challenges of maintaining Lamborghini’s identity as they transition to electric vehicles. Mohr explained that the idea for the Lanzador concept originated from the super-sports car heritage of Lamborghini. The goal was to create a car that had the feeling and performance of a sports car while adding more usability. The Lanzador is a GT 2+2, meaning it has a usable four-seater configuration and features a spacious second row and a large tailgate for added practicality.

When asked about electrification and how Lamborghini plans to maintain its rowdy personality, Mohr made it clear that there will be no “mellow” Lamborghini. The company has been working for the past two years to define the electric driving experience of a Lamborghini and take advantage of the unique opportunities that electric drivetrains offer. Mohr stated that Lamborghini will develop its own functionalities to create an emotional connection with the driver, something that sets them apart from other electric cars on the market.

Mohr gave an example of how Lamborghini plans to create an emotional component in their EVs. He explained that they can shape the acceleration curve to create a more dynamic and exciting driving experience. By adding small variations in acceleration, the driver’s body can react to the differences and create a more engaging driving sensation. Additionally, Lamborghini is looking to incorporate feedback and natural movements into their electric cars to avoid a feeling of detachment or artificiality.

Although Lamborghini is part of the same group as Audi, Mohr highlighted the importance of finding their own way when it comes to electrification. While they can leverage the knowledge and experience of the group, Lamborghini’s brand positioning requires them to have a unique and more captivating approach.

In conclusion, Lamborghini’s Lanzador concept represents their vision for the future of electric hypercars. By combining the dynamics of a super-sports car with usability and practicality, the Lanzador aims to appeal to a wide range of customers. With their focus on developing unique functionalities and maintaining a thrilling driving experience, Lamborghini is determined to prove that electrification does not mean compromising on performance or excitement.